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March 30, 2014 – Fourth Sunday of Lent

The Oscar awards are distributed on Hollywood’s big night for congratulating itself for worthy projects wellreceived.
Flops and clunkers never get a mention. But there is a group of people behind all the movies that we tend to
forget, and that is the writers. Without them, there is no story to film.

March 23, 2014 – Third Sunday of Lent

Remember the “Artful Dodger?” He is a memorable Dickens character in Oliver Twist, in which he is a pickpocket.
His nickname betokens his skill and cunning at that particular crime. It is still used, however, to refer to someone who is
good at avoiding responsibility or the consequences of his or her actions. In other words, someone like the unnamed
Samaritan woman in today’s Gospel reading.

March 16, 2014 – Second Sunday of Lent

Have you ever dreamed of being the boss? I am not referring here to Bruce Springsteen, unless you have
aspirations as a singer. I am referring to that man or woman who is the CEO of your company, the “Head Honcho”, the “Big
Kahuna”, or “Number One.” I am positive that every employee of every company has had that fantasy, perhaps more than
once. Such figments of imagination rarely consider the headaches of the person in charge. But oh! How differently we
would do things were we the boss! More equitably. Less politically. Always and everywhere more fairly and squarely than
they are being done now. Or so we imagine.

March 9, 2014 – First Sunday of Lent

Since my retirement move to a bucolic locale in the “Garden State,” I’ve had to find new doctors. I “lucked out”, as
some would say, to find a talented dermatologist who just happens to be a pretty young mother of two. On one visit, I
asked her what the cause of a certain condition was. She looked at me with a smile and answered with outright
diplomacy: “That comes with maturity.” How comforting for a seventy-plus year old to hear! How much more gentle than
any declaration sounding like “that happens to a lot of old people!” Her answer, however, did away with any illusion of
mine that the cause was other than age.

March 2, 2014 – Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Whenever we hear or read the words “once upon a time”, we know a good story is about to unfold. “Good” here
meaning “captivating”, or “attention-grabbing.” Ultimately, there will be a triumph of good over some impending evil.
Just think “Cinderella”, “Alice”, or “Snow White” and you get the idea. Credit Walt Disney for giving us pretty pictures and
catchy tunes for accompaniment, but even he could not erase the dark side of the three ladies’ stories. Even in fairy tales,
the heroes and heroines have to tackle anxiety.