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February 23, 2014 – The 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

I have only watched the “promos” for it. So I have no idea about the actual plot line of a very popular TV soap opera called “Revenge.” The fact that this show is ranked highly among the 18-49 year old age group, so desirable for advertisers, is sad. As if that isn’t bad enough, I can only speculate about the negative effects on that impressionable audience. It is, after all, a near “how to” manual. Certainly it touts a devilish retort to “love thy neighbor.”

February 16, 2014 – The Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

One memento of my seminary days is this oft-quoted maxim from those days: “Keep the rule and the rule will keep you.”  To be fully honest, it was often quoted by one seminarian to another with a decidedly sarcastic tinge after one of them had committed a misdemeanor of some kind.  Today’s seminarians are blissfully unaware  of certain regulations from those bygone days.  Often they had little to do with logic, for example the designation of a certain staircase as “up only” most times, but definitely as “down only” on laundry pickup day. Best to remember which was which especially in the presence of the dean.

February 9, 2014 – The Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

How we like the light!  This far out from the winter solstice in late December, when darkness even seeped into our afternoons, we appreciate these longer days we have now.  For, despite our night lights and lasers to soften its impact, we have a residual fear of the night. Night is the milieu of the mysterious and even the murderous, and the usual setting for the sinister aspects of human nature to show themselves.

In that context, imagine a world dependent in the dark on candlepower alone, devoid of electricity. That was the world Jesus knew. How flattering, then, the compliment He pays His true disciples when He calls them “the light of the world.”  That light is meant to shine with more radiance than candles provide, for it lights up a spiritual darkness in men’s souls.  A darkness that can block the truth.

February 2, 2014 – The Presentation of the Lord

“So ordinary.” Say that about any person, place or thing and we think “boring” at best or “inconsequential” at worst. We rarely get excited about the ordinary things in life. But have you ever stopped to think that we actually need the ordinary to appreciate its opposite? Every day can’t be Christmas, or else we would quickly tire of tree lights and carols. Every day can’t be our birthday, lest we face a tally of 364 other days of off-key singing about it.